CHF’s Profile

CHF Capital Markets is one of Canada’s top investor relations firm. The Company’s team consists of high profile communicators and analysts who specialize in providing individually-crafted solutions for clients while successfully broadening their reach in the investment community.

CHF Capital Markets serves an international portfolio of companies operating in a broad range of industries, including but not limited to mining, oil, gas, and technology.

Market Intelligence

Thanks to CHF’s many years at the top of the Canadian IR sector, we know which groups have the tools to deliver a closing, including effective brokers with large books who place orders, those knowledgeable about the business in question who can impart the risk/reward balance to their investing clients, and those who have the facility to raise funds for emerging companies on up to medium-cap enterprises.

Clients get CHF’s best strategic advice to achieve their financing goal without bias or wishful thinking.

CHF deals with the day-to-day communications with brokers and shareholders so that Management can run their business.

Shareholders' Meetings and Event Planning

CHF can help write the speech and presentation for the AGM/meeting, and make all the arrangements at the venue including set up, AV rentals, signage, banners, refreshments and invitations to the investment community.

Digital Assets • eNewsletter “CHF Spotlight” • CHF Blog • Digital & Social Media

CHF has invested significant time and resources to have the best client-focused IR website in Canada to display the diversity of our clients.

To further attract attention to our website, and to our clients, we write e-newsletters (a story about one of our clients) and CHF Blogs that reach about 8,000 brokers/investors in Canada regularly.

How can we help you?

Contact us at the CHFIR office or submit a business inquiry online.

We have worked with CHF for four years now and value their assistance, especially in the area of communications and capital markets strategy.

Steve Williams
President & CEO, Pasinex Resources Limited